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How to create a Rent to Buy Options
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Rent to Buy - The UK's BIGGEST Property Opportunity Today!

Learn how Rent to Buy in the UK can help YOU solve your property problems or help you find a new home...., this is a Rent to Buy eBook which means you can obtain Rent to Buy information 24 hours a day 7 days a week in a few minutes!

This could also be called a Lease Options Book because it covers both sides of the process of negotiating and creating your Option to Buy a property in the UK.

This Rent to Buy eBook explains how Tenant Buyers
& Landlord Sellers find each other and identify the benefits
for both sides so they can create a "Win-Win" Rent to Buy agreement.

I've even included a sample "Heads of Terms" to help you cover all the points that need to be agreed and passed to your solicitor.

Here is a quick overview
of how Rent to Buy works..,

Rent to Buy has been available in the USA & Australia for about 30 years! It's a tried & tested formula..., Rent to buy is split into 2 distinct areas;

Tenant Buyers & Landlord Sellers 

Rent to Buy is a way of solving property problems for both Tenant Buyers & Landlord Sellers, the aim is to create a "Win - Win" situation

Tenant Buyers - Can't get a mortgage, little or no deposit, paying dead rent, need to move in a hurry?

Landlord Sellers - Negative rent cashflow, sick of can't care tenants, in negative equity, need to sell in a hurry?


Learn everything you need to know to Rent to Buy DIY! 
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Buy and sell property faster and cheaper

Buy it Now! Rent to Buy DIYThe Rent to Buy eBook is the only publication giving both sides of the story so that everyone understands the point of view and motivations of the parties. This is the only way a Rent to Buy agreement can be negotiated in a practical and logical way.

Use professional commercial property techniques to buy your home

Use a technique from the commercial property sector to buy your own home no matter what your circumstances are. Rent to Buy is your passport to selling or owning your own home now!

Buying an option on a property or land is not new, it’s been used in the commercial property sector in the UK for many, many years. Using options in the residential property market has been in use for decades in the USA and Australia, now it’s becoming available in the UK.

Beat the credit crunch, banks and mortgage companies!

The main blocks to owning your own home have normally been the availability of credit and the size of the deposit required. You have no more excuses! The information in the Rent to Buy eBook explodes the myths and gives you step by step information of how to acquire your dream home avoiding the usual financial difficulties.

The property market is unfrozen!

The Rent to Buy technique totally avoids all of the usual situations that stop property transactions from proceeding. When the UK property market starts to stagnate because of traditional blocks to transactions – Rent to Buy options can be used to get everything moving again. 

Learn everything you need to know – click here to download "The Rent to Buy eBook" instantly 24 Hours a day.

OK I'm interested - but what exactly is inside this ebook?

I'm glad you asked - read on;



Just Some of the things you'll learn...,

- How and why Rent to Buy works & is a "win win" situation

- The benefits of Rent to Buy and how to increase them

- The risks of Rent to Buy and how to avoid them! 

- How Tenant Buyers can find properties for sale TODAY!

- How Landlord Sellers can rent and sell their property 'NOW'

 - How tenants and landlords can negotiate the ideal Rent to Buy agreement and make sure it works for both parties......,

..... and a great deal more!


The Rent to Buy eBook Contents

PART ONE - introduction to rent to buy

PART TWO - rent to buy for tenant buyers

PART THREE - Rent to Sell for landlord sellers & Property owners

PART FOUR – Documents & More Info’

Over 100 Pages of Pure Useful & Practical Information
*** For the UK Rent to Buy Market ***

You really need this book, it's solid helpful information – the main thing is that you understand all sides of the process, it's the only way you can create a truly balanced & workable agreement.  you just cannot afford to wait to read the “Rent to Buy eBook” right now.

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Good luck in creating your Rent to Buy Opportunity!

Carl Henry

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